Interview with Internet Marketing Expert Russ Henneberry

Gateway to ProfitsIn this episode of Gateway to Profits (player below), Josh sits down with Russ Henneberry from to talk about the things business owners can be doing to increase profits through online marketing efforts.

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Russ Henneberry is the owner of Tiny and Mighty Media, a web design
and Internet marketing company located at  Russ has extensive experience in SEO, Social Media and Business Blogging, having marketed hundreds of websites on the Internet since 2004. You can receive 10 Free Internet Marketing videos that outline Russ’s Internet marketing strategy at

In this interview, Russ covers a number of topics that most business owners can certainly relate to.

  • Are there any businesses that should not be considering online marketing efforts?
  • What is the most common gap Russ sees in the online marketing efforts of businesses?
  • How can traditional businesses using traditional ad/marketing models integrate these traditional approaches with online marketing as opposed to viewing it as a choice between the two?
  • Are there any businesses that Russ would advise to market solely on the internet?
  • Why is it important to not only know the tools and technical components of internet marketing, but to also understand consumer psychology?
  • What does Russ recommend to those business owners who know it all makes sense, but feel that they just don’t have the resources to do it all?
  • If a business owner wants to choose just one thing to focus on for marketing their business online, where would Russ recommend they place their efforts?
  • As things become more crowded online, where does he see the opportunities in online marketing and how can businesses position themselves to profit from these opportunities?

Listen to the full audio interview for Russ’ take on these questions and more, and be sure to visit to pick up his free series of internet marketing videos.

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