The Economy is in the Tank, Get Over It

Are you secretly complaining?

Keeping your thoughts to yourself, but thinking often about how great it would be if you didn’t have to grow your business in this economy?

Or are you more like the other people that enjoy complaining and chatting openly about how bad it is?

Either way, get over it.

It’s bad for everybody, but there will be people that persevere.

Reading through my news feed this morning, I came upon an article from called “The Upside of the Tech Bubble” by @EricMarkowitz.

The opening sentence: “Not everyone lost out in the tech bubble.” I don’t even need to read any further. This is a great reminder, and a fantastic way to start out the day.

Here’s the truth. In any economic downturn, there are always businesses that prosper. And it happens in every industry.

So are you complaining? Or are you pushing forward aggressively? You can’t do anything about the economy, but are you willing to use it as an excuse for failure? My guess is that you won’t give the economy any credit for your successes.

Move forward aggressively and don’t make excuses for your performance.  Keep this story in mind, don’t pay attention to the media, and take care of what’s in front of you.

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