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Small Business News Round Up


Money and/or Happiness, How Do You Think About Them?

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Small Business News Round Up

“New Department of Labor proposal would require attorneys to disclose certain client information.”

The DoL says the new rule, a proposed change to the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA), would help employees decide whether or not to unionize. In its proposed rule, the DoL wrote that its current interpretation has caused significant under reporting of instances in which lawyers indirectly influenced employees on union issues. In a statement, the DoL stressed that “better disclosure is critical to helping workers make informed decisions about their right to organize and bargain collectively.”

I would be shocked to see this actually go into effect.  The lobbyists for the national attorney organizations are strong.  And there is no way they will want this kind of precedent to be set.  Attorney/client confidentiality is necessary for businesses, and has to be upheld.

This kind of change would fly in the face of our needed confidentiality as business owners.  Regardless, and as shocking as it is, the proposal is being taken seriously. So stay up to date on this one for sure, it could have a big impact on your business.

“YouTube now allowing merchandise sales”

YouTube recently launched a merchandise store for musicians to sell merchandise through their site.  While it’s only music artists for now, look for this concept to expand.

I would suspect YouTube will enable commerce capabilities for a wide variety of producers before long.  Think about how your business might position itself for this?

“U.S. Manufacturers Have 600,000 jobs they can’t fill.”

A survey by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute is reporting that they simply can’t find the workers with the proper skills.  The survey found 5 percent of current manufacturing jobs are unfilled due to lack of qualified candidates, 67 percent of manufacturers have a moderate to severe shortage of qualified workers, and 56 percent expect the shortage to increase in the next three to five years.

This is another example of the kind of misleading coverage in the media regarding U.S. unemployment.  There are actually lots of jobs available.  Millions of jobs.

Yet the media is fixated on the lack in job growth.  While it is certainly an important number, you can’t discuss “lack in job growth” without also noting that there are millions of vacant jobs right now.

I find reports like this to be uplifting in the face of so much negative media.  It’s great to see that U.S. manufacturers continue creating jobs in this economy.

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Happiness and Money, how do you think about them?

“Poor People Think Either/Or, Rich People Think Both”

How do you think about them?  This episode is for the business owner that is working constantly, and not taking the time to be happy.  Remember, it’s a whole life.


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