How To Refine Your Sales Process

Ran across a great interview at Tiny Business, Mighty Profits on building out your sales infrastructure, and the kinds of things that are necessary for a business to move from just doing lots of things to working within a sales system rooted in goals.  In the interview, Russ Henneberry sits down with Bill Prenatt, a seasoned sales executive who now leads an organization that helps small business owners put the systems in place to grow.

The discussion includes tracking the right metrics to achieve sales goals, broad and focused sales strategies, and many great, actionable tips for improving and refining your sales process.

  1. Thanks for mentioning this interview, Bill gives some outstanding advice on refining the sales process. If you only listen to the first ten minutes of the interview where he talks about putting numbers to your sales initiatives, it is well worth it.

  2. Bill Prenatt says:


    It’s refreshing to see a CFO focus on sales. So many of your peers tend to think that cost cutting is the best way to make money.

    The key to long term success is to strike a great balance between growth and effective cost controls.

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