Some Great Biz Links from Last Week

Over the last week I’ve had a ton of tabs open in my firefox browser.  Lots of good stuff discovered, that I’ve bookmarked and saved for further research and study.  Here are a few of the good ones:

  • People in Business Networking Group – Just found out about this group, and it seems that they have really been taking off.  Lots of chapters in the St. Louis metro area, free meetings, and it looks like a really good group of contributors and dedicated coordinators.  I’ll be checking out some of their meetings in the very near future.
  • The Rise to the Top – How did I go so long without knowing about this site?  Awesome video blog and resource for growing businesses, and especially small businesses.  Check it out!!!!!!
  • Twitterfeed Tutorial at Matthew Neer’s Blog – Interested in automating your Twitter account to any degree?  Check out this video tutorial on Twitterfeed, one of the many Twitter automation tools on the market.
  • The Importance of Air Sealing (and Insulation) - Ok, so this isn’t a business link.  But it’s a cool video from a cool company, on a topic that I think more people should be aware of.
  • Marketing for Small Local Businesses – You should definitely subscribe to Chris Brogan’s blog, it’s full of great biz and social media articles.   This article has something for everybody…and don’t forget to read through the comments too.  Lots of good stuff.
  • Ten Ways for Small Businesses to Use LinkedIn – Too many peeps use LinkedIn for nothing more than a virtual rolodex.  There’s so much more potential in LinkedIn.  This article has some good ideas for LinkedIn newbies and experts alike.

Happy reading!

  1. Thanks for the love for The Rise To The Top. Glad you found us :)


  2. Josh says:

    No problem David. Thanks for stopping by!

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